Teri Mock,

Teri Mock began her journey toward a career in music therapy in 1991 when she enrolled in her first music therapy class. From the moment Teri realized that music therapy was based on the process of music’s interaction in the mind, body, and spirit and the knowledge of how that interaction can be used to affect change, she was fascinated. As she studied how music can structure the mind, change bodily functions, and give a voice to the spirit, she understood that music, when handled by a professional trained in the use of the tool, can make a profound difference in a person’s life.

Teri has been a practicing music therapist for 16 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Music Therapy from Arizona State University and completed her internship at a residential school serving children and adults with special needs in Texas. After completing her internship, Teri returned to southern Arizona, where she sat for and passed the National Music Therapy Board Certification exam. She then opened a private practice, providing services to the special needs population in both the public education and in-home settings as well as the elderly in group homes and daycare programs.

In 2000, Teri returned to school to pursue a Masters of Arts degree in Medical Music Therapy from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana where she focused on developing specialties in the area of Medical Music Therapy in the hospital, rehabilitation, and end-of-life settings. Once completing her degree in 2002, Teri began work as a music therapist in a hospital, treating patients in the oncology, ICU, pre-operative, and maternity units as well as patients in the general hospital units. She also began to work in the rehabilitation setting, treating patients with neurological issues such as strokes or traumatic brain injuries and patients with physical disabilities. During this time, Teri had the privilege of co-treating with speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and the hospital wound care team.

In 2005, Teri opened a private music therapy practice in central Arizona, where she serves the elderly with a special focus on dementia disorders, those with medical issues, children and adults with special needs, patients and families facing end-of-life issues, and those individuals looking to improve their health through several music therapy and wellness programs. Throughout her career, Teri has been in the forefront of advocating for the music therapy profession while maintaining her clinical practice. Teri has developed presentations on the topics of Music Therapy, Music Therapy with the Elderly, Music Therapy with Special Needs, Music Therapy in Medicine, Music Therapy in Hospice and End-of-Life Issues, and Music Therapy and Wellness. She has presented at medical schools, church parishes, assisted living communities, conferences, and many others. Teri’s main goal is to facilitate the general public and health professionals’ understanding of what music therapy is, who is qualified to practice music therapy, and the benefits of music therapy, both generally and as applied to a specific population. Through the process of presenting, Teri has developed a passion for educating on musictherapy and strives daily to help the music therapy profession grow and gain state and national recognition.

During her career, Teri has worked in private and public schools, preschools, after-school programs, general hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assisted living communities, adult daycare programs, and in private practice. Teri holds specialties in Music Therapy in Special Education and Special Needs with a focus on the Autism Spectrum Disorders; Medical, Rehabilitative, Hospice and End-of-Life; Geriatrics with a focus on Dementia Disorders as well as the emotional and wellness needs seen in private practice. Teri understands the power of music in the art of healing and loves seeing the differences that music, when applied therapeutically, can make in the lives of her clients. She has been truly blessed to touch the lives of so many and help to make a difference in each of her clients’ lives through the awesome power of music and music therapy.

In 1997, Teri opened her first music studio in southern Arizona, teaching voice, piano, recorder and guitar to typical and special needs children and adults. Over the years, Teri has been able to help dozens of children and adults become proficient on an instrument while learning to love music and gleaning the profound benefits that music provides the mind, body, and spirit. Teri opened her current music studio in the Phoenix Metro area in 2005 where she provides in-home and studio options for students interested in studying piano, guitar, or voice.