Music Therapy and Music Related Presentations

Desert Sounds of Wellness has been in the forefront of advocating for the profession of music therapy since 2005. Founder Teri Mock has been involved in educating and advocating for the profession since launching her first private practice in southern Arizona in 1998. More recently, Teri has developed and presented a dossier of presentations for Desert Sounds of Wellness covering the topics of Music Therapy, Music Therapy with the Elderly, Music Therapy with Special Needs, Music Therapy in Medicine, Music Therapy in Hospice and End-of-Life Issues, and Music Therapy and Wellness. Presentations can and have occurred in medical schools, church parishes, assisted living communities and at various conferences to name a few. The primary goal of Desert Sounds of Wellness is to facilitate the general public and health professionals’ understanding of what music therapy is, how music therapy works, who is qualified to practice music therapy, and the benefits of music therapy, both generally and as applied to a specific population. Additionally, Desert Sounds of Wellness offers presentations on other music related topics. To inquire about scheduling a presentation for your event, please contact Desert Sounds of Wellness.