General Music Therapy Information

Music Therapy and Geriatrics

Music Therapy in Geriatric Care.

Music Therapy in Alzheimer and Dementia Care.

Music Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Music Therapy and Medical Issues

Music Therapy and Medicine.

Music Therapy and Music-Based Interventions in the Treatment and Management of Pain: Selected References and Key Findings.

Music Therapy and Brain Injury.

Music Therapy Helps Stroke Patient Speak Again.   Fox News -
January 2013.

Harmony That Heals: Music Therapy's Mark in Medicine. - September 2012.

Music Therapy Aided OKC Brain Injury Sufferer. Oklahoma City - May 9. 2012.

Music Therapy Intervention in Medical Settings.  Huffington Post Blog - March 15, 2012.

Music Therapy... Something Beautiful out of Something Devastating.  National Stroke Association - March 14, 2012.

The Healing Power of Music.   PBS Newshour - February 27, 2012.

A New Look at Music Therapy.  PBS Newshour blog -

Music Therapy for Physical Disabilities.

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Music Therapy and End-Of-Life Issues

Music Therapy and Palliative Care.

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Music Therapy and Special Needs

Music Therapy and Special Education.

Special Education: Music Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Support.

Music Therapy in the Treatment of Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Music Therapy with Mentally Challenged Persons.

Music Therapy as a Treatment Modality for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Music Therapy Research and Evidence Based Practice Support.

Music Therapy and Autism.

Music Therapy Improves Behavior in Children with Autism, Study Suggests.  Science Daily- February 2013.

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