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DISC Business Workshop

 REGISTERING NOW:  “Using DISC In Business”

 DECEMBER 9, 2020 11 AM – 3 PM

Create a Happy, Productive Home for your Workers and Teams

Do you feel like there’s a dark cloud hovering over your workplace because of disagreements and misunderstandings?  Do you jump in to break up squabbles rather than focusing on the job at hand? Or spending too much time negotiating, counseling, smoothing things over?  Do you wish people could just get along?

Been There, Done That

Have you tried office-wide discussions, closed-door meetings, clear goals with rewards, after-work gatherings, and fun lunches to improve relationships within your workplace?  And STILL, employee relationships and profit margins suffer.  It’s exhausting.  You know you need to get back to business, but your hands feel tied.  It’s your job to keep things moving along.  Keeping the mental and emotional health of your employees is vital to business.  But How?

Break the Circle of Chaos.  Bring the Peace of Harmony into your Workplace with DISC

DISC is nothing new – it has been around for decades. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It is a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN method of communication that is tailor-made for these situations.DISC assesses the personalities of your workmates. From there, you will learn the best ways to communicate with one another. It is not difficult, and so worth it. Once you get it down, you’ll be amazed at how it works.DISC explains HOW people do what they do. It details four unique behavioral styles, and how the distinct qualities of each style impact the way we approach people, tasks, and the entirety of our daily lives. A DISC assessment is not a test, there is no pass or fail, or good or bad. Since DISC is based on observable behavior, it is easy to get clues about a person’s primary behavioral styles through simple observation that can be gained from spoken words, nonverbal cues such as tone of voice or facial expressions, written communication, or the way a person walks, sits and converses. However, using an assessment to measure a person’s true DISC profile is the most objective way to understand more about a specific person’s behavior.

Your place of work needs a shot of confidence, upbeat energy, and skyrocketing productivity. You can do it. Do it BECAUSE YOU CAN, and BECAUSE YOU SHOULD. IMAGINE… Being super proud to work with people you respect and like, Smiling and laughing through outstanding productivity, Friendships blossoming, Saying, “we are like family, Positive changes in profit and customer loyalty, Your peace of mind after achieving harmony in the workplace, How it will affect your daily life at work AND at home, Letting go of the stress at work, The RELIEF – Sleeping LIKE A BABY.  Let’s get you back to FUN and ABUNDANT PRODUCTIVITY in your workplace.

Teri Mock is the founder and CEO of Desert Sounds of Wellness. Her life’s passion is to positively impact you and your business. She’s a board-certified music therapist, trainer, speaker, coach, and small business owner of 23 years. She knows how to navigate you and your staff through a transition to a brighter, more fulfilling, and productive place. Throughout her career, her clients and their families, and her contractors and staff, have benefited from the DISC knowledge and techniques that she’s utilized in her private practice and business. That’s the same knowledge and techniques that she will bring to you. Teri is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst through TTI Success Insights DISC and is ready to share the secrets of DISC communication with you. She helps individuals, sole proprietors, and small and mid-sized businesses to grow and thrive. With her background of combining traditional and innovative approaches, you will learn the tools and techniques that will add value to all forms of workplace relationships such as salespeople, contractors, hourly employees, managers, you name it. You will learn to: Create a culture in which managers and employees build trusting relationships, Create a workplace environment where employees and staff are heard and supported,  Enhance decision-making by valuing and capitalizing on differences, Provide a language and process for averting and minimizing conflicts, Save money and reduce turnover, resulting in higher profits, Grow a loyal customer base. Teri will cut through the muck of everyday issues to target the heart of your purpose, abilities, and self. She will help you get to the point and GET IT DONE.




I was privileged to work with Teri in learning my Behavioral Style. The program was very informative. What I enjoy also is her coaching. She is helping me learn better how to deal with frustrations in the way I communicate with people. I can highly recommend that you also learn your Behavioral Style. The information you will learn is very eye-opening and will help you learn better how to deal with the people you are involved with. -Carol M, Small Business Owner & Nurse


I attended Desert Sounds of Wellness’ half-day business owner workshop, Using DISC in Business. It was great training! I found the information very insightful and the DISC assessment profile amazingly accurate. The information provided in the workshop will be useful in both my business with my clients and staff and in everyday life. I highly recommend DISC training to other small business owners looking to improve their business results. -Charles K, Esq