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DISC In Business

An understanding of DISC helps businesses to:

  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Provide a language and process for averting and minimizing conflicts and giving and receiving feedback
  • Enhance decision-making by valuing and capitalizing on differences
  • Create a culture in which managers and employees learn to build trust-based relationships
  • Create a workplace environment that allows employees to feel heard and supported
  • Save money and reduce turnover and job dissatisfaction by ensuring that candidates are placed in the right job

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Coaching for Career Planning

-Virtual/Limited In-person option
Discover A Career for Life

  • Discover the client’s strengths and limitations within their behavioral style
  • Increase self-awareness about how the client deals with conflict, the client’s motivations, values, preferences and needs and what causes stress and how they solve problems
  • Help teen clients and young adults as well as their parents and teachers understand the client’s behavioral style and personal strengths
  • Discover the client’s interests and the career options that fit best
  • Discover the career roadblocks that the client’s behavioral style may face

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DISC in Family Dynamics Workshops and Coaching

An understanding of DISC helps families to:

  • Gain an awareness of behavioral styles within the family unit and how each member relates to other styles within the family
  • Gain knowledge of how actions and behaviors positively and negatively impact family members
  • Gain key insights on how to effectively support and encourage family members based on unique learning and thinking styles
  • Learn ways to build communication and connection by understanding the values, beliefs, individual motivators, and primary fears of each member
  • Learn accountability for one’s own actions and behaviors
  • Gain an appreciation for a child’s unique behavioral style and their strengths
  • Use communication skills to meet the needs of each child in the family
  • Create positive interactions between family members
  • Make conversations more productive, open, and effective and remove emotional roadblocks that make it difficult for a parent to talk to their child
  • Build a framework for parents to establish a more stable and consistent environment for the children and family unit
  • Build a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and respect, and develop positive communication based on individual needs
  • Provide a framework for leadership development, from adolescence to adulthood

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