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Music Instruction

Music Instruction helps individuals gain knowledge of general music, music theory, or proficiency in playing a musical instrument. Personal study of an instrument may also be used for relaxation purposes, stress management, anxiety control, and personal development work. It has the added effect of addressing academic development, coordination, comprehension, and communication as well as providing a forum for teamwork, the development of self-confidence, and an appreciation of the arts.

Music instruction is taught under the philosophy “music-making should become an outlet for the individual, creating an avenue of self-expression, relaxation, or a simple way to de-stress at the end of a day.” With this philosophy in mind, instruction is taught in a way to encourage the student’s love of the instrument and to help him/her to learn the basic musical elements and techniques necessary to branch out to play his/her music of choice.

Music instruction is offered on three instruments: piano, guitar and voice. Desert Sounds of Wellness accepts beginning to early advanced students studying piano and guitar and beginning to advanced students studying voice. Students wishing to study voice must be at least 13 years of age. Younger students wishing to study voice may request an audition with the studio teacher. Our instructors are skilled in teaching both typical and adaptive lessons. Students of all ages who wish to gain the benefits of musical study are considered.