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I was privileged to work with Teri in learning my Behavioral Style. The program was very informative. What I enjoy also is her coaching. She is helping me learn better how to deal with frustrations in the way I communicate with people. I can highly recommend that you also learn your Behavioral Style. The information you will learn is very eye opening and will help you learn better how to deal with the people you are involved with. -Carol M, Small Business Owner & Nurse

I attended Desert Sounds of Wellness’ half day business owner workshop, Using DISC in Business. It was a great training! I found the information very insightful and the DISC assessment profile amazingly accurate. The information provided in the workshop will be useful in both my business with my clients and staff and in everyday life. I highly recommend DISC training to other small business owners looking to improve their business results.
Charles K, Esq

Music Therapy

My autistic son has been working with Teri Mock for over 6 years now and I cannot express how pleased we are with the therapy our son receives. It’s not just about the music, but her ability to break through to him and to get him to interact in a very meaningful dialog with her. With Teri, my son’s expanded his interest into guitar, piano and drums and always looks forward to his sessions with her. A+++++ highly recommended.
-Jim S, Parent

Teri was incredible. She quickly developed a rapport with my mid-stage Alzheimer mother. Being skeptical at first, the results of music therapy were amazing – we saw positive results after the first session. After 6 weeks of twice a week therapy mom was more interactive, more social, more outgoing, and began remembering things that recently occurred – not just from long ago. These improvements were noticed by family and friends. I would highly recommended music therapy, and specifically Teri Mock, to anyone who has a family member fighting dementia or Alzheimer.
-Davyd J, Son of Client

Teri has been providing music therapy for my special needs son since 2015. My son has benefited tremendously over the years from working with Teri. It’s difficult enough to get typical teenage boys to communicate, let alone one with ASD, yet Teri has successfully accomplished this with my son and in doing so has formed a special bond with him over the years. I highly recommend Teri!
-Jodi S, Parent

I have been fortunate to see the benefits of music therapy first-hand, both in my professional and personal life. As a licensed fiduciary, I have used music therapy for a host of clients. Music therapy is geared toward the needs of the individual client. For example, the goal of music therapy with a dementia patient may be to bring forward the memories of their youth in a way that allows them to still communicate with family and friends. The goal for an individual with cerebral palsy or autism may be to use music as a means of expressing emotion the individual may otherwise be unable to express, and helping families learn how to use those tools to communicate with each other about the individual’s wants/needs/desires. I have had the benefit of working with Teri Mock of Desert Sounds of Wellness for close to 15 years. After seeing the benefits and improvements to my wards after working with Teri, we brought her into our home to work with my special needs stepson. Teri has become his most trusted confidant. He has grown so much since working with Teri. I, and the families of my wards, are immensely grateful for the positive impact Teri has had in our lives. Music therapy has been shown to be an effective rehabilitative treatment for those suffering with traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, and more. If you have a loved one dealing with one of these issues, I highly recommend finding a qualified music therapist to add to your treatment team. You will not be disappointed!
-Lisa P, LF, Parent

“When I first became involved in my ward’s case, all she would really do was sit, staring off into space. She was also nearly non-verbal. Having heard that Music Therapy could positively impact a person, I requested that she begin receiving Music Therapy services. During the past several years, my ward has demonstrated exciting improvements in her quality-of-life. As treatment progressed, she began to verbalize and even began to respond in coherent short sentences. She was often noted singing song lyrics in session, playing percussion instruments, wheel chair dancing with her therapist and even strumming the guitar. She began to acknowledge people when they approached her and would make eye contact. We were even able to decrease her dosage of medication and place it on an as-needed basis. After a few months of therapy, the client’s daughter called in tears of joy because her mother spoke to her and made eye contact for the first time in years. Those are invaluable results.”
-Dawn W, LF, NCG

“I heard about Music Therapy when I was attending a conference. Wondering if this form of therapy might be beneficial for my ward, I contacted a local Music Therapist and requested an evaluation. At the time of the evaluation, my ward had become increasingly detached from life. She demonstrated difficulty with communication, social interactions, and animation, presenting with a markedly decreased quality-of-life. During the evaluation period, she demonstrated positive signs of response to the treatment. Once treatment commenced, something wonderful happened, my ward began to interact and participate. During treatment we have seen an increase in my ward’s cognitive function, speech and language skills and motor abilities. Prior to therapy, she rarely left her home, today; she is beginning to participate in life again. She becomes animated at the mention of her Music Therapy sessions, is fully participating in her treatment, singing phrases, picking songs, playing instruments, sharing memories and chair-dancing with her therapist. In addition, she is also starting to enjoy community outings and swimming at the local YMCA. Music Therapy is the avenue to allowing my ward to actively address her need areas, interact and socialize with others and fully engage in and enjoy her life.”
-Rex H, AZ Licensed Fiduciary

Our Music Therapy program launched in February 2008 and since the beginning the residents at our center look forward to each weekly session and the program continues to flourish. Our program targets residents with memory impairments and our music therapist encourages residents to open up and participate actively, in their own time. The program focuses on individual needs as well as the needs of the group. Our Music Therapist tailors the program to fit the participants needs and adapts it as needed to meet each resident’s needs and preferences. The residents look forward to their session and often remember our therapist as the “music lady”. She uses many interventions with the memory group, for example, reminiscence is use to encourage active participation. When combined with music, reminiscing seems to come naturally to many of our residents. I have seen some residents that are regularly non-verbal begin to verbally reminisce and connect life events to music. The positive interaction during Music Therapy stays with the residents throughout the day providing a decreased in agitation. The quality of life for these residents has been increased thanks to our Music Therapy program.
-Kari C, La Loma Enrichment Director

As a Support Coordinator with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, I work with individuals with all different sorts of disabilities. I have, on several occasions, authorized services for music therapy. I have seen this therapy increase fine and gross motor skills with my individuals, as well as increase communication skills. In fact, one of my individuals is using vocalizations for the first time in her 30+ years! Music therapy is also great with increasing coping skills when special needs individuals feel overwhelmed or exhibit inappropriate behavior. And, as if music therapy hasn’t done enough, it may also increase the self-esteem of individuals with special needs.
-Denise S, Support Coordinator III

My company works with individuals with developmental disabilities and we’ve been graciously blessed by Teri Mock and her team of music therapists to work with some of our individuals with music therapy. This has been such a wonderful part of our members lives that participate. They really enjoy the time and patience that Teri and her staff put in with them. The positive impact that music therapy has been on our members is seen and heard by all that is around these members. Music therapy hasn’t only helped with their musical talents but with their self-awareness, self-esteem, social skills, and positive attitude. We would highly recommend Teri and her team of music therapists.
-Tiffany H, Support Service Manager

“Miss Teri is amazing. A brilliant approach to music therapy is just short of miraculous. Our family has witnessed incredible verbal and non verbal cues and progress during music therapy sessions. Each week has a new unveiling of music ensemble, transforming and stimulating neurological stimuli. Kudos to an excellent passionate music therapist!”
-Dana L, ADH Provider for Autistic and Special Needs Adults

“For those suffering from dementia disorders, the benefits of Music Therapy can be life-changing. I am not a doctor, but I am a caregiver who takes care of people who have been diagnosed with dementia disorders and I have seen the change in people who were involved in Music Therapy. It’s a fun thing for them too. I care for a man of 87 years who has been diagnosed with dementia. He receives Music Therapy three times a week with a Board-Certified Music Therapist, for about an hour on each day. His Music Therapist comes to see him in his home. This man had his doctor’s appointment and the doctor was so impressed with him. He couldn’t believe the change and he couldn’t stop talking about it. I do hope sharing this with people will give them hope that there is help through Music Therapy for their family.”
-Mary R, Caregiver

My elderly client suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Her mood shifts constantly through the day. Her deteriorating memory and mental state foster feelings of insecurity and fear resulting in “aggressive” behavior towards her caregivers. I’ve noticed that following a music therapy session with Teri, her aggressive behavior dissipates. My client becomes more trusting and relaxed. She maintains a more pleasant disposition for the remainder of the day. Music Therapy has definitely enhanced my client’s quality of life. For that, we are grateful.
-Marsha M, Caregiver

Music Lessons

Teri is a fantastic music teacher and music therapist!! She started working with our autistic son on the guitar more than 9 years ago, and then our daughter began taking piano lessons from her the following year. She comes to our house and is always on time, friendly and very patient with everyone. Her lessons have had a calming effect on our son and he looks forward to his session with her each week. She is also very flexible and willing to move her lesson times around as needed. If you are looking for a music teacher or music therapist, look no further!! Teri is awesome and we highly recommend her!!
–Leann S, Parent

I’ve taken piano lessons weekly from Teri for over 3 yrs. I was able to recover my meager former skills and happily acquired many new ones. I am 70, so I was a little nervous about my ability to learn; but, Teri paces the lessons to accommodate where you are in life and makes it fun! She is very knowledgeable and you know you are getting the best when she works with you. She is professional, punctual and extremely reliable, so you don’t end up wasting time. I definitely would recommend her for “kids” of all ages–my grandchildren started with her at about 5yrs of age–just know it’s never to late to learn:) And, it’s good for the brain!!!!
-Denise G, Student